Emma Watson Is So Pretty, But She’s Clueless about Feminism

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Emma Watson, star of the Harry Potter films, wants to know why the word “feminism” has become such an “uncomfortable” term.

Watson recently spoke at the UN:

I was appointed Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women six months ago, and the more I’ve spoken about feminism the more that I realize fighting for women’s rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating….this has to stop.

“Why has the word become such an uncomfortable one? I think it is right I am paid the same as my male counterparts. I think it is right that I should make decisions about my own body,” Emma Watson told a UN audience on gender equality.

If she would truly like to know the answer, here it is: feminism is inextricably linked with Marxism, which has been a disaster for women.

Has Emma ever read anything by her Marxist-feminist foremothers? Does she realize who she has signed on with?

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From the mouths of feminists

In a 2003 Smith College interview Gerda Lerner, a pioneer in instituting women’s studies programs at universities in the 1960’s, and a card-carrying communist, said, “The single most important framework was the Marxist framework…it enabled and informed feminism.”

Lerner took her cue from the leader of the Communist International, Vladimir Lenin who said this in 1920:

Women’s incipient social life and activities must be promoted, so that they can outgrow the narrowness of their philistine, individualistic psychology centered on home and family … In the sphere of sexual relations and marriage, a revolution is approaching … There can be no real mass movement without the women … We cannot exercise the dictatorship of the proletariat without having millions of women on our side. Nor can we engage in communist construction without them. We must find a way to reach … the mass of women, who feel themselves exploited, enslaved and crushed by the domination of the men…”

And this in 1918:

Human child birth is an act which transforms the woman into an almost lifeless, bloodstained heap of flesh, tortured, tormented and driven frantic by pain. (no wonder one of the first things they did was to legalize abortion) – Lenin, Prophetic Words (1918)

Lerner credits another communist sympathizer Betty Friedan with mainstreaming feminism in the conservative 1950’s. Friedan wrote for women’s magazines, but in side notes for her seminal book, The Feminine Mystique, she quoted the co-author of The Communist Manifesto, Fredrich Engels.

She called the home a “Comfortable Concentration Camp” in her book which sold millions.

Marxist theory permeated elite and Ivy League institutions of higher learning. Most of the pioneer feminists attended these universities. There they learned men were the oppressors and patriarchy the enemy.

If women could just be unchained from their ovaries and uteruses, men could no longer exploit them was the common held belief.

Here are some other famous Marxist-minded leaders of the feminist revolution whose hatred of men and the maternal instinct have made Feminism a toxic word.

Gloria Steinem:

Overthrowing capitalism is too small for us. We must overthrow the whole F*#@+*g patriarchy!” (Detroit Free Press, April 15, 1974) In 1977, in Houston, Gloria Steinem said, “For the sake of those who wish to live in equal partnership, we have to abolish and reform the institution of legal marriage.”

Simone de Beauvoir exalts Marxism, Soviet-style:

In The Second Sex (New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1993), Simone de Beauvoir wrote as follows: “A world where men and women would be equal is easy to visualize, for that precisely is what the Soviet Revolution promised . . .”

Barbara Leon-Feminist Revolution:

The fight for the right to abortions, after all, was a fight for sexual relations with men–but on an equal basis.

Shulamith Firestone:

The end goal of feminist revolution must be…not just the elimination of male privilege but of the sex distinction itself: genital differences between human beings would no longer matter culturally.

Andrea Dworkin:

Only when manhood is dead – and it will perish when ravaged femininity no longer sustains it – only then will we know what it is to be free.

In everything men make, they hollow out a central place for death, let its rancid smell contaminate every dimension of whatever still survives. Men especially love murder. In art they celebrate it, and in life they commit it.

Men are rapists, batterers, plunderers, killers. (Pornography: Men Possessing Women)

Like prostitution, marriage is an institution that is extremely oppressive and dangerous for women. (Letters From a War Zone)

Under patriarchy, every woman is a victim, past, present and future. Under patriarchy, every woman’s daughter is a victim, past, present and future. Under patriarchy, every woman’s son is her potential betrayer and also the inevitable rapist or exploiter of another woman. (Our Blood: Prophecies And Discourses On Sexual Politics)

“[M]en are biologically aggressive; their fetal brains were awash in androgen; their DNA, in order to perpetuate itself, hurls them into murder and rape.”

Redstockings, the Rad Fems and their manifesto

The radical group Redstockings in the late 1960’s proclaimed “women’s bodies will be their own.” The first thing Redstockings sought to change was the abortion laws.

Redstockings radicals understood Marx was onto something when he observed that the family needed to be abolished to achieve an end to women’s oppression. But Marxian analysis did not go far enough, it failed to dig into the sexual/gender roots of class.

So Redstockings founders  Shulamith Firestone and Ellen Willis wrote a Manifesto. Here are some of their proclamations:

I After centuries of individual and preliminary political struggle, women are uniting to achieve their final liberation from male supremacy.

II     Because we have lived so intimately with our oppressors, in isolation from each other, we have been kept from seeing our personal suffering as a political condition.  This creates the illusion that a woman’s relationship with her man is a matter of interplay between two unique  personalities, and can be worked out individually.

In reality, every  such relationship is a class relationship, and the conflicts between individual men and women are political conflicts that can only be solved collectively.

III    We identify the agents of our oppression as men.  Male supremacy is the oldest, most basic form of domination.  All other forms of exploitation and oppression (racism, capitalism, imperialism, etc.) are extensions of male supremacy: men dominate women, a few men dominate the rest.

All men have oppressed women.

Emma, like so many young women, does not see the connection between man-hate, gender oppression and abortion rights. In this country, 55 million babies have been aborted since our Supreme Court legalized abortion. Russia was the first country to legalize abortion–in 1920.

All of these aspects of feminism pivot from fundamental Marxist philosophy and communism. The clearest example I can give Ms. Watson is Communist China—the government has murdered millions of girls in the womb. And we can thank Margaret Sanger for the carnage.

Sanger’s campaign took birth control to China, which led to their one-child policy and countless killings of girl babies in the womb. Thus, abortion ends up being “against women.”

Emma, you can’t be pro-choice and support gender equality at the same time. That’s a profound contradiction.

Images taken from video screenshots here, here, here, here, here, here, here

About M. Catharine Evans

Brother and sister Hans and Sophie Schell, co-founder and member of White Rose, an underground student anti-Nazi group, printed flyers and pamphlets denouncing Hitler and his regime. They were arrested February 18, 1943. Both were beheaded February 22, 1943. In Sophie's cell, a guard recovered a little scrap of paper with the word "Freedom" written on it. Before he died, her brother Hans urged good people "to stand defiant before overwhelming power." And to his brother he wrote, "Remain strong--no compromises." As our representatives in the press and in DC on all sides--Republican, Independent, Democrat, Libertarian, right and left wing--cower and compromise before the evil Obama regime, real patriots speak out everywhere.
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