and the Tea Party Got Rid of Cantor. Will the 7th District Turn Blue?

Moveon and tea party

There’s a strong possibility that Eric Cantor’s old territory, Virginia’s 7th District, will turn blue on November 4.

Cantor’s takedown was a result of both Tea Party conservatives and Democrats working for the same goal. The Tea Party didn’t want any more RINOs and the Democrats didn’t want Cantor to move into position as Speaker of the House.

Caleb Howe of TruthRevolt and RedState told me recently it doesn’t matter if Virginia’s 7th district turns blue. Sending a message to RINO’s is more important.

Howe doesn’t live in the 7th district where Democrat Trammell actually has a shot. Neither does Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter or Mark Levin–all of whom gave David Brat free air time on their shows and backed his candidacy.

Everyone on the right was calling Dave Brat’s win in theopen primary a miracle and a sign that conservatives are tired of status quo Republicans. Yet, those on the left say they put Brat over the top.

Now it looks like the plan by Democrats to get rid of Cantor was well-played. The Tea Party just happened to give them the edge they needed. and Democrats took Cantor down, with Tea Party help. has been a real presence in Henrico County for the last four years, sending out frequent emails to residents and targeting Cantor. The Henrico Democrats website noted that their members met on June 9th, the night before the primary, as a member, “Virginia Blue” reports:

As someone who lives in the 7th Congressional District who is an Obama supporter, Dean supporter in 2004 and member, I did go to the polls on June 10th and voted in the GOP primary to dump Cantor. The night before the election, I attended a meeting for the Henrico County Democrats whereby numerous other Democrats also said that they intended to vote for Brat the next day.

We figured that this was really the only genuine opportunity to dump Cantor, given that every two years, our Democratic nominees-no matter how good they were, continually lost. Of course, this is due to the fact that our district is so gerrymandered.

While we realize that Brat is much worse on the issues; he will not have nearly the power and clout that Cantor had as the Majority Whip and next in line for Speaker of the House. Cantor is the worst (or one of the worst) obstructionists in the history of Congress and we felt that we owed it to our country, not just ourselves, to seize this unique opportunity to take out Cantor. And now, we may even have an opportunity to actually take the seat if and only if Democrats register new voters, particularly African American and Latino voters and along with the existing registered voters, turn them out to the polls on election day.

Brian Umana, former deputy field director for Obama for America in 2008, wrote an article for the Washington Post in June 2014 entitled I’m a Democrat and I helped the Tea Party unseat Eric Cantor.”

According to Umana, the bipartisan push to unseat Cantor began soon after the midterm shellacking in 2010. Young, liberal Democratic operatives like Umana joined forces with energized “throw them all out” Tea Party conservatives to whittle away at Cantor’s hold on the 7th.

Umana lets us in on the strategy to take down Cantor. 

From the Post:

At that time, an ‘Anyone But Cantor’ mentality was beginning to take hold in central Virginia and the Richmond suburbs. In this heavily Republican district, many Democrats and Republicans told me in conversations that they saw Cantor as a disingenuous political insider looking out for his own self-interest above the interests of his constituents.

The truth is that Cantor’s electoral demise did not occur overnight. It was the culmination of more than four years of grass-roots organizing, from both the right and the left, to unseat him. Behind the scenes, Cantor opponents who otherwise had little ideological common ground cooperated in his demise. I know, because I helped engineer it.

After Cantor’s 2010 victory, a group of anti-Cantor activists from both left and right met in person to discuss campaigning against the man who would soon be majority leader. We met several times over two weeks at coffee shops and pubs in strip malls throughout the Richmond suburbs. At first, we were suspicious that one side was trying manipulate the other, but soon we developed a sense of trust over our shared frustrations with Cantor.

That’s a pretty stunning post-primary admission from Umana.

Is he saying the Tea Party and leftist organizations like and Obama operatives like himself conspired together to unseat Cantor? Did the conservatives he met at coffee shops, strip malls and pubs know Umana worked for Obama in 2008? Or the radical leftist group NYC for Change?

Democrats put Brat over the top.

Mark Holmberg, a reporter at CBS News local affiliate in Richmond, said his Democrat friends didn’t know Brat was more conservative than Cantor, but they voted for Brat anyway.

Holmberg:  Some Democrats I know who hated Cantor and voted for Brat were quizzing me about what I knew about him. They seemed genuinely surprised by the idea that Brat could very easily win the November race against the democratic contender, fellow Randolph-Macon professor Jack Trammell, and that Brat may likely turn out to be more conservative than Cantor.

Left leaning blog FireDogLake weighed in on the open Republican primary and gave its version of how Trammell could win.

By now you’ve all probably heard that Eric Cantor, the House Majority Leader, lost what should have been a cakewalk of a primary last night. He outspent his opponent, a Tea Party candidate named Dave Brat, by forty to one, and he still lost. Even better: The Tea Party guy will now go on to face Jack Trammell, the Democratic nominee, in the general election in November — and Trammell may well stand a chance.

Why do I say this? Well…

There is evidence that Ben “Cooter” Jones’ efforts to get Virginia Democrats to cross over for Brat may have worked very well, indeed. If you compare the election results with a map of the Seventh Congressional District of Virginia, you’ll notice that the most conservative areas — the areas with the fewest Democrats — voted for Cantor, but as you look at the counties surrounding the City of Richmond (a city of which Cantor only has a teeny-tiny chunk in his CD, as it has far too many Democrats — ironically enough, that chunk was one of the few places he won tonight), you’ll see that Brat took those counties, often by wide margins.

By the way, Trammell filed at the last minute, on June 8th, two days before the primary, after politically-minded pundits were writing that there was no Democrat on the ballot for the VA 7th District in November. And that whoever wins the Republican primary on June 10 would represent the 7th in Congress for the next two years–winner take all. Boy, were they fooled.

Cantor’s name is now toxic among conservatives. He’s almost as hated as Obama. The vitriol hasn’t stopped with both sides reporting on Cantor’s post-congressional Wall Street salary.

When a far left radical like Elizabeth Warren targets Cantor as heatedly as Laura Ingraham–the former saying Cantor’s million-dollar plus salary is “wrong” and “infects” the political process and the latter stating that Cantor should be traded to the Taliban–indeed we are living in abnormal times.

At any rate, if the 7th District turns blue, and this was all a stealth move by the Democrats to bait conservatives into doing their dirty work, Ingraham and the rest of them with the smarts to know better than to let this happen need to apologize to the people that have to live there.

Moveon image taken from video; Tea Party image taken from video


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