Communist Marriages of Convenience Arranged to Subvert (video)

In a 1985 interview, Former KGB agent Yuri Besmenov describes “ideological subversion” employed by Soviet Communists and by extension “world communists”. He explains one facet of the subversion as pairing agents to look like they’re a typical happy couple.

“Marriages of convenience” were arranged by the Communist Party Department of Personnel to make husband and wife be “informers on each other to prevent defection or contamination by decadent imperialist or capitalist ideas.”

Everything world communists do is illusion, but behind the mask is a highly organized manipulation of people and events that do the bidding of the Communist Party.


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About Ann Kane

Former editor of Watchdog Wire North Carolina (a project of the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity). Contributor to American Thinker blog.
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