Gruber’s Uninsured Cockatoo Will Outlive Most Americans under ObamaCare

If Jonathan Gruber, architect of ObamaCare, insures his pet cockatoo, I wonder which plan he will choose. But they’ve had RomneyCare since 2007 because of living in Massachusetts, so mandated health insurance is nothing new to them.

In this PBS NewsHour video on the high cost of health care in Massachusetts, the MIT economist points out that his snuggly cockatoo Phoebe “will live to be 100 years old.”

Unless ObamaCare is repealed and replaced, Phoebe will live a lot longer than the average American.

But Gruber’s happy about RomneyCare in Massachusetts which he helped create. “That worked in Massachusetts,” he said. According to PBS, Massachusetts has the highest spending for healthcare of all the states. Their patients also face very long waiting times.

Gruber knew young people are generally healthy and don’t use healthcare that often. He said they need to be forced into buying insurance in order to pay for sick people. If anti-ObamaCare groups “can convince healthy people to stay out of the pool,” he said, “that raises rates for everyone else and that makes the law less successful.”


About M. Catharine Evans

Brother and sister Hans and Sophie Schell, co-founder and member of White Rose, an underground student anti-Nazi group, printed flyers and pamphlets denouncing Hitler and his regime. They were arrested February 18, 1943. Both were beheaded February 22, 1943. In Sophie's cell, a guard recovered a little scrap of paper with the word "Freedom" written on it. Before he died, her brother Hans urged good people "to stand defiant before overwhelming power." And to his brother he wrote, "Remain strong--no compromises." As our representatives in the press and in DC on all sides--Republican, Independent, Democrat, Libertarian, right and left wing--cower and compromise before the evil Obama regime, real patriots speak out everywhere.
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