Attkisson Survived Obama/Holder/Jarrett’s Wrath to Resign and Write a Bestseller

Sharyl Attkisson

Sorry, Ms. Attkisson, your revelations about CBS’ liberal bias are just too little and too late.

Former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson revealed that emails from government officials targeted her and said she was “out of control.”

If the White House went after her for doggedly pursuing the Fast and Furious story, then why did she never suffer any backlash except the hacking of her computer?

She said the White House could hire PR firms that “assassinate your character,” so why is she freely going about peddling her book?

If she was so “out of control,” why didn’t they get rid of her sooner? After all, her boss David Rhodes, head of CBS apparently wanted her to stay when she tried to leave CBS back in May 2013. Rhodes’ brother, Ben Rhodes was Obama’s speechwriter and now he’s a national security adviser.

Hmm, two brothers, one the head of CBS while Attkisson investigates Fast and Furious, and the other a direct conduit to Obama—controlling the message? 

Last spring, Ed Lasky at American Thinker wrote up a post showing how Ben Rhodes was directly responsible for the talking points (blamed a video that caused four Americans to die) on Benghazi that Susan Rice parroted on the Sunday talk shows. Why would Rhodes in the White House not want to protect Obama’s image over at CBS and use his brother and Attkisson to do it?

Leaving the line about her being “out of control” in the 10,000 pages of emails may just be the White House making it look like they were scared of what she was doing, but really just kept her on a short leash. You know, use her as a patsy to send a message to all the other reporters as an intimidation tactic.

Fast and Furious was a huge scandal so why didn’t it ever really hit the mainstream?

I love these veteran, award-winning reporters working for progressives at CBS for 20 years suddenly jumping ship in 2014–after Obama has won reelection–and telling us what we already knew.

I mean what good is some ‘revealing’ email now in 2014? Holder lied to Congress in 2011 and was charged with contempt in 2012. Why didn’t Attkisson throw her paycheck back in her boss David Rhodes’ face and tell him she wouldn’t work for a network that supports a liar like Holder?

Now that would have made news and I would buy 100 copies of her book! What good will some ‘revealing’ emails do now?

What are Americans supposed to do with this information? Right now, it looks like the only thing they are good for is to shore up Attkisson’s claims so she can sell more books and deter her colleagues from risking their paychecks just like she did.

About M. Catharine Evans

Brother and sister Hans and Sophie Schell, co-founder and member of White Rose, an underground student anti-Nazi group, printed flyers and pamphlets denouncing Hitler and his regime. They were arrested February 18, 1943. Both were beheaded February 22, 1943. In Sophie's cell, a guard recovered a little scrap of paper with the word "Freedom" written on it. Before he died, her brother Hans urged good people "to stand defiant before overwhelming power." And to his brother he wrote, "Remain strong--no compromises." As our representatives in the press and in DC on all sides--Republican, Independent, Democrat, Libertarian, right and left wing--cower and compromise before the evil Obama regime, real patriots speak out everywhere.
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