Palin, Kelly, Loesch Crowd Yuck It Up with Leftists, While America Burns (videos)

Kelly Loesch Palin collage

It amazes me to see so many people who go against corrupt tax-evading Obama cronies daily, but when given the opportunity they can’t wait to have their picture taken with them, attend a White House Christmas party or appear on some left wing cable show with them.

Fox’s Megyn Kelly blows my mind. On her show she actually challenged former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to apologize to a man stealing the working and middle-class’s hard earned money, taking over healthcare, education, the internet, purging the military and skirting the Constitution. Kudos to Giuliani for standing up to this sellout.

No, she’s not playing devil’s advocate. I might have fallen for that excuse if she had not gone to the White House with her hubby. Maybe when Obama takes her last million, she’ll rip up an invitation to the next bash and pass on the chance to get all doe-eyed and tongue tied when standing so close to this nation’s number one enemy.

Watch Kelly on Jimmy Kimmel apologizing to Obama for something she said at the White House Christmas Party receiving line:

Ditto for Sarah Palin. Get a clue. Sarah. Nothing separates otherwise genuine patriots from ‘we the people’ like fame and money. You may have bucks in the bank when Obama is finished with us or be able to head to Costa Rica, but those of us suffering with wiped out 401k’s, kids who can’t get good paying jobs and who suddenly can’t go to the doctor because of sky high deductibles will be stuck big time.

Happily posing next to Al Sharpton? Are you kidding me? Six years into this administration’s systematic transformation of our country and you go on Saturday Night Live, the same far left idiots who gave us Barack Hussein Obama? Smiling and joking? And then you and Al cozy up in photo-ops?

I couldn’t even watch your CPAC speech after that. It signifies nothing but more revenue for you and big name politicians and pundits. CPAC is nothing but a place for you and others to peddle your wares: books, TV shows, big money PACS.

I have one question for you Sarah. Why the heck would any self-respecting conservative champion of the people, when given the opportunity to be so close to Sharpton, not call him out for the criminal that he is?

Then there’s Dana Loesch and Van Jones laughing and joking on CNN.

The in-your-face, tough-talking Loesch had her chance to call Jones what he was: a cop-hating communist. Did she? No. Why not? Not prudent. She might come off sounding too much like a right-wing extremist. Better to keep all avenues open.

At a CPAC interview this past week Loesch and Ed Morrissey spent much of the time peddling Loesch’s old book and marketing her new one coming out in 2016. Thank goodness Obama won or she’d still be in St. Louis taking government subsidies for her husband’s music studio.

That’s what it is all about folks. Marketing. Making money off of our suffering and using Christianity to do it.

Wake up, real Americans! These opportunistic grifters who say they are on our side are business people making money off the destruction of our country. They close ranks and don’t let any Joe the Plumber types in.

How many regular, working class people gave speeches at CPAC?

Palin, Kelly and Loesch are an insult to ‘we the people.’ They will not save this country. They will be heading to Tahiti as soon as Obama stops the gravy train. It’s all about lip service and their shtick is wearing thin.

The tough talk helps them sell books, get viewers and rakes in contributions to doomed candidacies, but all their goings-on have not made a dent in getting rid of the criminals in the White House, has it? Why? Because as much as Americans love capitalism and the free market, making money off of this evil is like mixing food with poison—poison wins every time.




About M. Catharine Evans

Brother and sister Hans and Sophie Schell, co-founder and member of White Rose, an underground student anti-Nazi group, printed flyers and pamphlets denouncing Hitler and his regime. They were arrested February 18, 1943. Both were beheaded February 22, 1943. In Sophie's cell, a guard recovered a little scrap of paper with the word "Freedom" written on it. Before he died, her brother Hans urged good people "to stand defiant before overwhelming power." And to his brother he wrote, "Remain strong--no compromises." As our representatives in the press and in DC on all sides--Republican, Independent, Democrat, Libertarian, right and left wing--cower and compromise before the evil Obama regime, real patriots speak out everywhere.
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