No Irish Slaves Grievance Industry in America

Crozet tunnel

Image from Crozet Gazette May 2011.

Back in the 1850’s, Irish in America weren’t called ‘slaves’ but indentured servants or ‘slave labor’; but they were just as much slaves as black slaves.

Often they were treated worse than black slaves.

Read this from the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Shenandoah Living Magazine:

It took workers under engineer Claudius Crozet eight years in the 1850’s to dig a railroad tunnel by hand through solid rock under the Blue Ridge Mountains…The 4,264 foot Blue Ridge Tunnel, located in Rockfish Gap, was carved 700 feet under the mountains though greenstone, which Crozet called “as hard as can well be conceived.” Built by Irish laborers and slaves under brutal conditions the tunnel opened to rail traffic in 1858.

Imagine trying to carve a nearly mile-long path through a  mountain of the hardest stone using a hand drill, sledge hammer, and black powder. Those were the tools available to the Irish and slave laborers building the Crozet tunnel in the 1950’s. And because the slaves were considered more valuable, they weren’t allowed to touch the black powder.

In some circumstances white, Irish males were lower than black slaves. Irishmen were so subhuman if a few hundred blew themselves up it was no big deal.

So why are we not seeing Irish rioters and looters in the streets 160 years later?

About M. Catharine Evans

Brother and sister Hans and Sophie Schell, co-founder and member of White Rose, an underground student anti-Nazi group, printed flyers and pamphlets denouncing Hitler and his regime. They were arrested February 18, 1943. Both were beheaded February 22, 1943. In Sophie's cell, a guard recovered a little scrap of paper with the word "Freedom" written on it. Before he died, her brother Hans urged good people "to stand defiant before overwhelming power." And to his brother he wrote, "Remain strong--no compromises." As our representatives in the press and in DC on all sides--Republican, Independent, Democrat, Libertarian, right and left wing--cower and compromise before the evil Obama regime, real patriots speak out everywhere.
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