Vetting Ben Carson’s ‘Associations with Dubious Characters’

Ben Carson and KJ SacBee

Ben Carson and Mayor Kevin Johnson

In his 2014 book, One Nation, Ben Carson says he wants Americans to be educated so we can make informed decisions. From the book:

There are  many sinister forces vying for power in our American society. Most of these are associated  with politically ambitious individuals who are far more concerned about power and prestige than they are about the people’s welfare. Uninformed citizens tend to be trusting of some of these forces without due diligence in terms of studying their previous performance or their associations with dubious characters.

Well, let’s see. Are Dr. Carson’s associations fair game? Take his top outside adviser to his presidential campaign Armstrong Williams. Williams has been involved in scandals ranging from ripping off taxpayers to the tune of $240,000 and allegedly sexually harassing an employee.

He Said/He Said is an article from City Paper about Williams’ lawsuit for alleged sexual harassment of an employee Stephen Gregory.

“After a while, you get the feeling that Gregory and Wheatley seem to be hoping that something, anything, will stick. Their lawsuit even includes two paragraphs that seem designed only to tickle the media: One paragraph alleges that “a prominent basketball player” was “very jealous” of Gregory. The lawsuit continues: “Defendant Williams also indicated that he could get ‘affection’ from [the athlete], but that with Mr. Johnson it would go too far, and that Defendant Williams would rather be ‘affectionate’ with Plaintiff.”

Note that “Mr. Johnson” is not completely identified. I ask Wheatley about this, and he calls it, unconvincingly, “a typo.””

In the video below, Williams acts kooky and, uh, just watch. “I’m Army Strong.” He thinks he’s a super hero.

Then there’s Mayor Kevin Johnson of Sacramento whose association with Armstrong Williams goes back many years. However, just three days ago, explosive revelations about alleged past sexual abuse of a minor has caused  Johnson’s own Democrat party to ask him to step aside and not run for office a third time. See Deadspin for more details.

Here are Williams and Kevin Johnson in video blog in 2010. Williams praises Johnson and says,

What people want is effective leadership that create jobs, restore their way of life and show principles and values, integrity and honor to the office for which they were elected to serve and uphold, I respect the fact so much that Mayor Johnson represents that and has always represented that and we’re just proud to have him as our very special guest today on our video blog.

And look at this brand new project of Williams’: Armstrong Williams, Coastal Carolina University to create broadcast media interns program. Kevin Johnson is on Williams’ board.

Armstrong and KJ Instagram summer 2015

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2 Responses to Vetting Ben Carson’s ‘Associations with Dubious Characters’

  1. @leppy519 says:

    This is it- this his big bad news- Hey Hillary is married to an accused rapist and a well known sexual degenerate who she enabled everyday for Billy to keep his war om women going.

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