Did Ben Carson Vote for Obama?

Who did Ben Carson vote for in 2008? Here’s a screengrab of an online announcement for a gospel concert to be held in honor of Obama’s inauguration in 2009. Ben Carson is listed as one of the speakers.

(2) Screengrab Carson at Gospel Inaugural Jan 17 2009

Ad for “Official” Gospel Concert of the Obama Inauguration 2009 (screengrab)

From American Thinker, December 20, 2013:

In 2008, weeks after Obama won the presidency, Carson appeared at a U.S. News and World Report round table Q&A with Marian Wright Edelman, the woman who eulogized Saul Alinsky at his funeral in 1972. When asked to express his feelings about the election, Dr. Carson was excited that those “young black males” finally had their role model. “It’s absolutely a wonderful thing that our country can elect somebody who looks like Barack Obama.”

Savvy answer? Maybe. But less than two months later Ben Carson, the man who wrote in his 2011 “coming out” book America the Beautiful that he began to gravitate toward Reagan conservatives as early as 1984, showed up on a list of speakers at a Celebration of Change pre-inaugural Gospel concert scheduled for  January 17.

The Reverend Al Sharpton and other notables were also listed. A special feature of the evening involved paying tribute to a woman who championed abortion in the black community and who attended communist meetings as a young activist, Dorothy Height. Why did Carson agree to be named as a participant in a “celebration of change?

"Official" Gospel Concert Obama inauguration 2009

“Official” Gospel Concert Obama inauguration 2009

Then there’s Ben Carson’s longtime Republican business manager, close confidante and top outside adviser Armstrong Williams who said this in 2008 before the election:

“Among black conservatives,” Williams said, “they tell me privately, it would be very hard to vote against him in November.

Williams, the commentator, says his 82-year-old mother, who also has not voted for a Democratic presidential candidate, has already made up her mind.

“She is so proud of Senator Barack Obama, and she has made it clear to all of us that she’s voting for him in November,” Williams relates. “That is historic. Every time I call her, she asks, ‘How’s Obama doing?’ They feel as if they are a part of this. Because she said, given the history of this country, she never thought she’d ever live to see this moment.”

So Williams’ mother, whom he has described numerous times along with his father, as being Republican, decided in 2008 to vote for Obama!


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Former editor of Watchdog Wire North Carolina (a project of the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity). Contributor to American Thinker blog.
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