Update: Lineup of Ben Carson’s ‘Dubious Character’ Associations

Carson lineup

Lineup: Ben Carson, Kevin Johnson, Armstrong Williams, Alfonso Costa, David W Bower

Vetting Ben Carson’s Associations with ‘Dubious Characters’

In his 2014 book, One Nation, Ben Carson says he wants Americans to be educated so we can make informed decisions. From the book:

There are  many sinister forces vying for power in our American society. Most of these are associated  with politically ambitious individuals who are far more concerned about power and prestige than they are about the people’s welfare. Uninformed citizens tend to be trusting of some of these forces without due diligence in terms of studying their previous performance or their associations with dubious characters.

More quotes from Carson attesting to his desire to be vetted:

There are some people that are thrust into positions of great responsibility, and sometimes we don’t vet them.

We don’t look into their past, we don’t look into their associations. We don’t look into their accomplishments.

We don’t look into the kind of person they are. And all of those things become clear. I actually welcome the magnifying glass. I don’t have any problem.

So far we’ve examined Carson’s “business manager” and top adviser Armstrong Williams and Kevin Johnson, mayor of Sacramento. Here are two articles summarizing Williams’ No Child Left Behind pay to play scandal and Mayor Johnson’s Americorps scandal. 

Administration Paid Commentator: Education Dept. Used Williams to Promote ‘No Child’ Law

Link to Youtube “Up and Personal” with Carmilla Wheeler.

Armstrong Williams screen capture

Screen capture Armstrong Williams on Youtube

Scandal Ridden Mayor Hosts Ben Carson in Sacramento

Link to Youtube video from KCRA News.

Kevin Johnson, Americorps video

Now new revelations have surfaced about a best friend of Carson, Alfonso Costa, real estate broker and dentist.

Alfonso Costa, linkedin

Photo credit: LinkedIn

Costa was convicted of federal charges for health care fraud. From Mother Jones:

Carson penned a gushing letter of support for his friend. He wrote that “next to my wife of 32 years, there is no one on this planet I trust more than Al Costa.” He also testified at Costa’s sentencing in March 2008. At that hearing, Carson told the judge: “Well, I feel very strongly, obviously, about Al Costa. You know, he’s one of my closest, if not my closest, friend. We were, we became friends about a decade ago. We found that, you know, our value systems were almost identical.” 

Then there’s David W. Bower who sits on the board of the Carson Scholars Fund along with Costa’s wife, Mary Costa. Bower, DCCA Chief Executive Officer [Data Computer Corporation of America] rakes in the dough from lucrative contracts with HHS and was a major contributor to Obama’s 2012 campaign.

Screengrab of Bower’s $10,000 contribution to Obama in 2012.

David Bower poltical contributions 2012 screengrab

Lots of taxpayer ripoffs from friends of Dr. Carson. Medicare fraud, Americorps fraud, and illegal shilling for Department of Education funds.

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