Ultimate Insider Ted Cruz’s Record Belies His Rhetoric

ted in iowa religious liberty conference

Can our country honestly abide one more slick-talking lawyer politician who is the ultimate DC insider? The polished, measured monotone words coming out of the mouth of Ted Cruz make me shudder. His supporters love his rhetoric. He’s so classy, they say. He’s so civilized, they say.

All I see is a globalist that talks the talk of conservatives, but doesn’t walk the walk.

As far as the Senator from Texas’ political record not matching his supposedly tough stances on immigration and economy, I’ll re-post a comment from an American Thinker article today. Hat tip to Caroline 1771:

I’ve looked behind the curtain and found what you obviously are ignoring. No, someone who wants your life would:

2012 Heidi Cruz joined Council on Foreign Relations to change it.

2013 Cruz joined National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee to change it.

2012 Cruz: I am the only candidate to stand up to….

2015 Cruz: I am the only candidate who has stood up to…..

Always avoiding the natural follow-up, “but what have you accomplished”?

Accomplishments including:

Joined forces with Mitch McConnell in October 2013

Would not campaign for conservative challengers in 2013/2014

Gave $200,000 from his Leadership PAC to the NRSC

Advocated for 500,000 additional H1-B immigrant visas

Ran to the Border with Glenn Beck for Illegal Aliens, Soccer Balls and Teddy Bears

Supported Comprehensive Immigration Reform (along with Senator Rubio)

Voted to support the Iran Deal – To Include Corker/Cardin Amendment (only Senator Tom Cotton voted against)

Voted to support TPA – The gateway to Trans Pacific Trade Deal

Image screengrab from C-Span 

About Ann Kane

Former editor of Watchdog Wire North Carolina (a project of the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity). Contributor to American Thinker blog.
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