Best Comment of the Week: Trump Phenomenon Unpacked

The People Speak

From American Thinker, January 27, 2016 commenter Coombes Larry writes:

I’ve been trying to pin down the feelings of both sides and trying to work out the appeal of Trump. I am not a US-Citizen and have fled the coming crash already so I am not qualified to weigh on who would really be the better Republican candidate.

But I get the issues and my head is divided, I grant. However, my heart – from a long distance – is with Trump and I have been trying to work out why.

I think I may have it – or I am in Typhoid ridden state.

It’s simple – so simple I missed it before.

Cruz may be more conservative than Trump. He may be the *better* Republican.

But the American Republic are starting to wake up to the fact that America HAS been transformed by Obama and they do not like it. The pain is starting to be felt.

Right now, I sense that Americans within and with the conservative base want someone who will DO SOMETHING and ‘make it work again.’

For that they look to someone who may not be ideolog[ically] ‘pure’ but who is breaking down the PC intimidation by which one could lose their job for not pro-gay enough, say.

Trump has smashed down the Democrat imposed rules of engagement, he has put National security back on the agenda and given the voice to those who lost theirs. In a way, that is the SINGLE BIGGEST ISSUE FOR AMERICA. The fact is that the ‘silent majority’ have been silent because they have been silenced! And with PC totalitariasm dictating policy across all levels turning the US into a Marxist banana republic, nothing can be changed until the rules dictating thought are wiped out. (emphasis mine) 

Trump is doing that. He is also winning the hearts and minds of disaffected democrats – you know, the ones who are discovering that even anti-racist, pro-gay whites get beaten up by the lefties too – and see someone who can DO SOMETHING about America and IS DOING IT!

People don’t want ideological purity in this race. They want ‘Not Obama.’ They want ‘No political correctness.’ They want jobs – some jobs, any jobs.

If that means compromises ideologically to win the most critical issues – immigration, national security, work… the public will go with it. If Cruz is the better President then I believe the public will give him his terms. But, right now, the people are desperate and know that they face the forces of censorship, intimidation and outright fraud when trying to change the new Status Quo. Trump promises that.

I think Cruz may be the worthy President after Trump:

a) Trump has to be better than Obama, Hillary or any of the rest of the snakes of the GOPe.
b) Trump is seen as someone who will do something – anything – to change course.

Right now I doubt the public are interested in plugging the gaping holes in the hull before they worry about the size of the sail. Trump maybe raising eyebrows in regards to ‘the issues’ but he is winning the hearts of those who have been silenced and told to stand aside for the way of their new immigrant masters.

I don’t think Trump is establishment but neither do I think he is ‘pure conservative.’ I think he is pragmatic and people are going to go with that. Also, since Trump is campaigning on anti political correctness, restoration of liberties, handling immigration and host of other policies… even if he is fuzzy on the details or a but big Govt on the solutions… he will have a MANDATE for these things A massive mandate.

And heart triumphs over head in elections – and most arguments – 95% of the time.

The people are rallying around the first SUCCESSFUL crusader against PC tyranny. I don’t think Cruz is going to win people’s hearts because he is not seen as a winner where it counts most – battling the PC establishment and media.

Whether Trump is really the man to save America I do not know. But I am certain that ideological purity is not the way to go here.

OK, I have typhoid and can’t process any more. I haven’t quite been able to express what my ‘feel’ is for Trump except this…

I think Trump has given voice to the quietly oppressed and those dispossessed by the Marxist system in place now. If Cruz is the candidate and not Trump I think a LOT of people on the street who see the ONE MAN fighting back and smashing the PC towers being cast aside is not going to go down well.

Ok, gotta sleep.

(Text was lightly edited for clarity)

About Ann Kane

Former editor of Watchdog Wire North Carolina (a project of the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity). Contributor to American Thinker blog.
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