Americans have little knowledge how the Left negatively uses both liberal and conservatives as a means to their end. We at ExZOOM want to educate people to see things the mainstream media and online propaganda sites don’t let you see.  We have taken on the task of vetting people and events since 2008, and have the insight and instincts to present what you need to know about what’s happening around you. As a result, we’d like to take poetic license with President Ronald Reagan’s words and say “verify first, then trust or not.”

Your first lesson.
Ex-Marxist and philosopher William Barrett wrote back in 1978 what Americans are facing now: “The United States, despite the tremendous advantages in its material conditions, has been steadily losing ground in its struggle with world communism. This country, which has a tradition of anti-intellectualism, finds itself ill at ease in a contest of ideas. In its innocence it cannot grasp that an ideology is taken so seriously and practiced with such duplicity by the adversary, America cannot grasp the passion of an idea…or its malignancy. Belatedly it begins to acknowledge the role of ideas in this struggle, and would try to enter into dialogue with the so-called Third World. What would America have to offer in such a dialogue? Facts, cautiously qualified arguments, the balancing of good and bad, tentative conclusions. The semi-literate demagogues of the Third World have already embraced an ideology that spares them the tedious business of cautious thinking.” –The Illusion of Technique

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  1. Sharon Kass says:

    Call Cosby to account. He should not be given a pass just because of his role as a social “symbol.” Sick people should not be allowed to run riot, even if they’re rich, or popular, or “symbolic.” Same went for the tragic figure Michael Jackson. Psychotherapy is effective for problems such as theirs. Involuntary commitment may even be called for.

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