Vetting Ben Carson’s ‘Associations with Dubious Characters’

Ben Carson and KJ SacBee

Ben Carson and Mayor Kevin Johnson

In his 2014 book, One Nation, Ben Carson says he wants Americans to be educated so we can make informed decisions. From the book:

There are  many sinister forces vying for power in our American society. Most of these are associated  with politically ambitious individuals who are far more concerned about power and prestige than they are about the people’s welfare. Uninformed citizens tend to be trusting of some of these forces without due diligence in terms of studying their previous performance or their associations with dubious characters.

Well, let’s see. Are Dr. Carson’s associations fair game? Take his top outside adviser to his presidential campaign Armstrong Williams. Williams has been involved in scandals ranging from ripping off taxpayers to the tune of $240,000 and allegedly sexually harassing an employee.

He Said/He Said is an article from City Paper about Williams’ lawsuit for alleged sexual harassment of an employee Stephen Gregory.

“After a while, you get the feeling that Gregory and Wheatley seem to be hoping that something, anything, will stick. Their lawsuit even includes two paragraphs that seem designed only to tickle the media: One paragraph alleges that “a prominent basketball player” was “very jealous” of Gregory. The lawsuit continues: “Defendant Williams also indicated that he could get ‘affection’ from [the athlete], but that with Mr. Johnson it would go too far, and that Defendant Williams would rather be ‘affectionate’ with Plaintiff.”

Note that “Mr. Johnson” is not completely identified. I ask Wheatley about this, and he calls it, unconvincingly, “a typo.””

In the video below, Williams acts kooky and, uh, just watch. “I’m Army Strong.” He thinks he’s a super hero.

Then there’s Mayor Kevin Johnson of Sacramento whose association with Armstrong Williams goes back many years. However, just three days ago, explosive revelations about alleged past sexual abuse of a minor has caused  Johnson’s own Democrat party to ask him to step aside and not run for office a third time. See Deadspin for more details.

Here are Williams and Kevin Johnson in video blog in 2010. Williams praises Johnson and says,

What people want is effective leadership that create jobs, restore their way of life and show principles and values, integrity and honor to the office for which they were elected to serve and uphold, I respect the fact so much that Mayor Johnson represents that and has always represented that and we’re just proud to have him as our very special guest today on our video blog.

And look at this brand new project of Williams’: Armstrong Williams, Coastal Carolina University to create broadcast media interns program. Kevin Johnson is on Williams’ board.

Armstrong and KJ Instagram summer 2015

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Black Man at Trump Atlanta Rally: ‘Obama failed me’ (video)

Hoke Johnson attended Donald Trump’s rally in Atlanta on October 10. Outside the venue, Johnson can be seen loudly voicing his anger over the president he voted twice for. Johnson said, “I never voted before in my life, but I voted twice for Obama.”

Now Johnson says he was bamboozled into voting for the first black president and he’s supremely disappointed that terrorists in the Middle East are handed $150 billion while American citizens suffer. Watch the video and share.

h/t The Conservative Treehouse

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Ben Carson Held Up by Gunman at Popeye’s, Laughs It Off

In a radio interview Wednesday, Dr. Ben Carson (who happens to be a vegetarian) recounted a time when he was held up at gunpoint in a Baltimore Popeye’s fast food restaurant. Carson didn’t say when the incident happened, but did recall how he handled the potentially deadly situation.

Carson tells the interviewer, “Guy comes in, puts the gun in my ribs…And I just said, ‘I believe that you want the guy behind the counter.’” Then he laughs as  Karen Hunter  of SiriusXM Radio laughs with him. She asks if he really “directed, misdirected” the gunman to the fast food worker.

A day before the Sirius interview, Carson told ABC News he believes that when faced with an active shooter situation like the one at Umpqua Community College, he “would ask everybody to attack the gunman.” In talking about a very tragic event with the Oregon massacre, at the :50 second mark of a CNN video Carson laughs right after saying he would not just “stand there” and let the shooter kill him, “he can only shoot one of us at a time, that way we don’t all end up dead.”

Facing criticism regarding his initial advice on what people should do if confronted by a killer, Carson defended his comments on Wednesday stating, “I want to plant in people’s minds what to do in a situation like this.”  That evening, he recalled the Popeye’s holdup.

Carson’s statements on the Roseburg mass murder have gone from controversial to perplexing.  His latest revelation, that he was robbed at gunpoint, did not elicit any follow-up questions from an amused Hunter. When did it happen? Were the police called? Did the gunman turn his weapon on the guy or gal behind the counter? Why didn’t he “rush the shooter” in that circumstance?

In an effort to quell even more criticism, Carson offered this ending to the story during a second radio appearance on The Michael Smerconish Show Thursday:

The resolution was, he said, ‘Oh, sorry’ and then he went to the appropriate person behind the register who gave him the money, and he left the store running before the police got there.

“He went to the appropriate person behind the register?” What if he had shot him? While no one can fault Carson for his self-preservation instincts in the heat of the moment at Popeye’s, this Kafkaesque recollection of the holdup on Wednesday followed by a more detailed conclusion the next day, is bizarre. When Smerconish asked him why he didn’t rush the gunman, Carson said, “I was not fearful for my life at all, I knew why the [robber] was there.”

As conservative bloggers compare Donald Trump to one’s “drunk uncle,” Carson’s headline-grabbing, idiosyncratic and peculiarly sensational remarks in response to a mass shooting don’t seem to bother the same critics.


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Update: Trump Spoiled Rupert Murdoch’s Plan to Anoint Jeb!

Update: Back in February I wrote that Rupert Murdoch endorsed Jeb Bush and Ben Carson, and appeared to have chosen the candidates for We the People once again. Murdoch thought he had the Republican ticket all sewn up. Enter the spoiler Donald J. Trump.

Here’s my original article from American Thinker

Rupert Murdoch, owner of a media empire including Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, and Harper Collins, as much as anointed Jeb Bush as his personal choice for 2016.  And he’s cheering on Dr. Ben Carson as well.

In a vote of approval for the third Bush to run for office, Murdoch requested that Jeb sit next to Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett (see picture) at a December conference hosted by the Wall Street Journal in D.C.

From the New York Times:

Then there is Mr. Bush, who calls The Journal his “paper of record.” The fact that he sat between Mr. Murdoch and Ms. Jarrett at the conference hosted by The Journal in Washington was no accident: Mr. Murdoch requested it. Their ties have deepened over the years. Mr. Bush has collaborated frequently on education issues with Mr. Murdoch’s close friend and adviser Joel I. Klein, the former New York City schools chancellor, who now leads Mr. Murdoch’s education business, Amplify. [snip]

With his characteristic candor and deep, Australian-accented mumble, Mr. Murdoch is making known his high regard for Mr. Bush these days.

“I like Jeb Bush very much,” Mr. Murdoch said in New York recently. “He’s moving very cleverly, very well,” he added.

Then, last week, Murdoch weighed in on Carson.  This is from Murdoch’s Twitter account:

Campaign ’16 starting. Very early, but watch Ben Carson. Read his autobiography years ago. Principled brave achiever. Great American story.

On the same day as Murdoch’s tweet (January 24, 2015), Carson echoed the media mogul while speaking at the Iowa Freedom Summit when he closed his speech with a call to be “brave.”

In conclusion, we today enjoy our freedom because there were those who preceded us who were brave. They were not afraid. We have to have courage once again in this country…The next time you sing our national anthem and you’re looking at that flag, and you get to the end of that first stanza it says ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave.’ Please remember that it is impossible to be free if you’re not brave.

It’s easy to see what Murdoch likes about Jeb Bush.  Bush has a major stake in education with his foundation and backing of Common Core.  And Murdoch owns the education company Amplify, which is heavily invested in making money off technology in the world of education.

But what is Murdoch’s interest in Carson?  Could there be some connection between the two regarding Carson’s time spent as a surgeon in Perth, Australia in 1983?  Carson served for one year, but he came away from the experience praising the two-tiered government-funded health care system.

Or could there be a relationship regarding Zondervan Publishing, the Christian imprint of Harper Collins publishing?  Recently, online site Buzzfeed disclosed that Carson’s book America the Beautiful had multiple plagiarized passages.

Carson apologized, and the publishing company promised to update future copies.  From CharismaNews:

Carson admitted that he “inadvertently missed some” of the source citations. “I attempted to appropriately cite and acknowledge all sources in America the Beautiful … I apologize, and I am working with my editors to rectify the situation,” Carson said.

Zondervan, a Christian publisher owned by HarperCollins, released a statement on Thursday that reiterated Carson’s stance.

“It has become apparent that further source citation is appropriate in Dr. Carson’s America the Beautiful. Any necessary updates will be made in subsequent printings.”

Murdoch’s support of Carson coming so soon after the plagiarism scandal involving his publishing company must mean that the billionaire is smitten.

What do you think?  A Bush/Carson ticket with the full support of a media giant?

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Ben Carson and His Body Man, Well Played

Dr. Ben Carson’s jump to fame has been well planned and calculated by his body man Armstrong Williams. Williams’ reputation [see 1995 interview with City Paper] as a black conservative radio host and news columnist and his employment with Sen. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas have contributed to his ability to sell to the public his man Ben Carson.

Williams has successfully created a cult of personality for Carson since he first met up with him in the 1990s.

Carson rose from the status of pediatric neurosurgeon that separated conjoined twins to a viable candidate for U.S. President.

Poll numbers as of this date show the doctor in second place after Donald Trump. But it doesn’t make sense. Carson has no personality to speak of, and his knowledge of world affairs needs a lot of updating and last minute cramming. He has said outrageous, crazy stuff like straight men go to prison and come out gay. Then in true Carson form, he quietly apologizes for his statement. How does he get away with commanding double digits in polling?

The answer: media outlets have not vetted Carson. It appears that Fox News along with Salem Media Group which owns, Redstate, Hotair and other online blogs, have made a pact to be nice to the good doctor. Also, SMG has partnered with CNN to provide the second Republican presidential debate tonight.

But those of us willing to look into Carson’s and Williams’ past have found discrepancies that only those in denial cannot see. Explaining away various indiscretions can get you so far if a preponderance of evidence points in a suspicious direction.

In an American Thinker article, my coauthor and I presented 20 pages of Carson’s statements and actions taken from his books.

Take for example his plagiarism issue. Through affirmative action, Carson entered Yale. While at the Ivy League college, he wrote a paper wherein he did not credit some sources. From his 2012 book America the Beautiful:

I did not, however, indicate that this was the work of someone else; frankly, I had never even heard of the term plagiarism.

So, is he asking us to believe he got into one of the top colleges without ever having learned about plagiarizing?

What about Armstrong Williams and his “pay for pander” scheme. Michelle Malkin and Jonah Goldberg called him out on it back in 2005. And what about Williams being sued for sexual harassment in 1997?

What about Carson’s connection to Mannatech? “For ten years, he interacted with a medical-supplement maker accused of false advertising.” [see Jim Geraghty’s National Review article].

Watch this video where reporter Jan Helfeld in 2014 questions Carson on affirmative action. Like a fawning overprotective stage mother, Armstrong Williams appears agitated that Helfeld has the nerve to get a quick interview with the doctor. Weird.

So much to see, but the word is out: hands off Dr. Ben Carson and his right hand man Armstrong Williams. No vetting allowed.




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Trump: Taxi Drivers Get It, ‘Impotent’ Politicians Don’t

Donald J. Trump, real estate mogul and presidential candidate, gave this interview in 1988, a year after he published his best selling The Art of the Deal.

Ever since he announced his run for president, Trump has been giving a voice to the silent majority of Americans that are fed up with politicians going to Washington and becoming “impotent.” Trump used that word in a rally speech in Iowa on Tuesday, and it’s spot on.

Looking back to 1988, we can see Trump sees the common joe and appreciates him; unlike most of the politicians sitting in DC and statehouses across the country.

Here’s a partial transcript where he shows that ‘what you see is what you get.’

Trump: The people that I do the best with are people who drive taxis, you know wealthy people don’t like me because I’m competing against them all the time. They don’t like me, I like to win.

The fact is I go down the streets of New York and the people that really like me are the taxi drivers and the workers, etcetera, etcetera…

I believe in Republican principles.

h/t The Conservative Treehouse



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Macy’s Stock Plummets after Dumping Trump

Image from 3 years ago Trump ad for Macy's

Image from 3 years ago Trump ad for Macy’s

CNBC’s Jim Cramer’s scratching his head trying to figure out why Macy’s stocks lost value in the second quarter.

“I see a microcosm of pretty much everything I don’t like about traditional bricks-and-mortar retail, even as I think the stock’s dirt cheap and trying to stabilize,” the “Mad Money” host said.

Macy’s reported its second-quarter earnings on Wednesday, and the stock plummeted more than 5 percent in a single session as an aftershock to its major miss from analyst expectations.

Cramer offers lots of reasons, but doesn’t mention the political war the retail outlet initiated with presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Looks like Trump had the last laugh.

Moral of the story: Don’t mess with Trump.

Featured image Youtube video

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Donald Trump and the Art of Political War

Screen capture of Donald Trump in New Hampshire July 16, 2015

Screen capture of Donald Trump in New Hampshire July 16, 2015

In the Art of War for Tea Parties, Freedom Center’s David Horowitz tells us that in political war, the aggressor wins the battle.

Donald Trump must be following this strategy because he continues to set the narrative in the war for the Republican ticket. Last weekend he created a ruckus when he said Sen. John McCain was a war hero simply because he was captured. Predictably, the MSM and Republican presidential candidates piled on Trump with some calling for his ouster from his run for president.

However, the Trump haters didn’t get what they wanted. The man refuses to go down. His candid insult of a career politician has now caused the general public to reexamine McCain’s role in veterans’ affairs since he went from his POW status to elected official many years ago.

Old videos and articles are surfacing that paint a distasteful picture of the failed candidate that the GOP gave us to go against Obama in 2008.

Look at this article on veterans in Arizona during the 2008 campaign cycle (it’s a long read, but full of info on the real John McCain) weighing in on dissatisfaction with McCain’s lack of action regarding their plights.

Excerpt from Phoenix New Times (2008):

In the last few minutes of the first presidential debate, on September 26, John McCain made a statement that probably blew past most economy-obsessed Americans but stopped a lot of military veterans short.

Barack Obama had just remarked that he’s approached all the time by Iraq War veterans who say they can’t get help for post-traumatic stress disorder from the overwhelmed veterans administration, something Obama vows to improve. When it was his turn to reply, McCain seemed incensed that Obama would dare intrude on McCain’s turf as, perhaps, America’s most famous injured war vet.

“I know the veterans and I know them well,” he said, his voice shaky with emotion. “And I know that they know that I’ll take care of them. And I’ve been proud of their support and of their recognition of my service to the veterans. And I love them, and I’ll take care of them. And they know that I’ll take care of them.”

But he hasn’t. McCain’s had 25 years in Congress to help veterans, yet nearly all he’s done is talk about his own experiences as a prisoner of war — and push the country to go to war again.

McCain has not served his compatriots well. For that he should be challenged.

And Trump is so un-politically correct, saying things off the cuff, that he has become the elite powers’ worst nightmare.

Democrats and Republicans have been furiously fueling fire after fire to wipe out Trump’s influence. But, he only gets bolder. And he knows how to use social media. A few days ago he was at 2.2 million likes on Facebook; now he’s up to 2.5 million.

Featured image from WMUR-TV New Hampshire

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Freedom vs Tyranny: Which Will Win?


The progressive/Marxist/socialist/communist/totalitarian state has one enemy: Freedom.

Freedom to speak without repercussions.

Freedom to worship or not worship.

Freedom to fly a flag.

Freedom to run a business based on our beliefs.

Freedom to keep what we have rightfully earned  are the bedrock of our country.

Uprooting these basic liberties makes total control possible for the lords of the earth and they will go to any lengths to achieve this end goal.

In 1978 William Barrett described the shape of the American future. Barrett, a preeminent philosopher, understood America was losing ground to this “perverse animal” known as Marxism. Barrett explained how the Marxists are threatened by an individual’s exercise of his own free will.

“A short while back The New York Times reported about a small group of Muscovites who had attempted to exhibit their paintings oneSunday on a vacant lot in the outskirts of Moscow. Bulldozers promptly appeared, and those aspiring artists were hustled off the scene. This episode would be amusing if it were not also so gruesome. Did a regime controlling so many troops and guns feel threatened by this little handful of Sunday painters? Was the Kremlin about to totter because of those few pathetic efforts at self-expression? Freedom must indeed be indivisible if the merest little groping toward it, and even in a sphere where politics is not an issue, must be stamped out like a germ that might start a raging epidemic.” (P 357. The Illusion of Technique)


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Murdoch’s Pick for Prez, Jeb Bush, No Good for American Patriots

Bush, Murdoch and Jarrett 12.01.2014

Photo credit John Bussey Twitter feed

Photo Credit Harvard Gazette Nov. 19, 2010

Photo Credit Harvard Gazette Nov. 19, 2010

Jeb Bush in announcement for presidency: “‘Our country is on a very bad course and the question is, ‘What are we going to do about it?’ The question for me is, ‘What am I going to do about it?'”

We already know the answer to that last question, Jeb. You’re going to bend over backwards for globalists and elites and Marxist education reformers!

Rupert Murdoch of Fox News sat with you and Valerie Jarrett at a recent Wall Street Journal dinner. Murdoch has been singing your praises along with Ben Carson. In this case, guilt by association with public enemy number one Valerie Jarrett is a valid argument against you.

Will you also rely on the counsel of John Podesta, President and CEO of Center for American Progress and well-known Clinton scandal-suppressor, with whom you sat on stage discussing education? Podesta’s CAP writes the script for the Obama White House policies.

Jeb, you are all for Common Core which comes straight out of CAP’s Change for America: A Progressive Blueprint for the 44th President.  It’s about nationalizing education.

From my article in American Thinker May 2014:

In 2008 [Cynthia] Brown, director of Education Policy at the Center for American Progress, laid out the current strategy to centralize education in the United States.

Brown elucidates exactly what the Obama administration is after in John Podesta’s Change for America: A Progressive Blueprint for the 44th President.

The United States has the most decentralized education system in the industrialized world. Over 90% of the decisions are made and paid for at the local level…. unlike other industrialized nations, U.S. policymakers at the local and state levels — as well as the federal level — have done little to ensure that tax revenues for education are directed according to student needs.”

Jeb, you are a hybrid Republican/Democrat/globalist elite. You are not what America needs or wants.



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